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Ben Randall Wins Gun Dog Trainer of the Year 2017


It comes as no surprise to us that Ben Randall has been awarded the 2017 Gun Dog Trainer of the year.

As we all know, to set out on a designated career path, things have to fall into place; combining schooling, location, knowledge and a passion for the industry. To set out looking for – not only a job – but a full career that incorporates a lifestyle and passion, whilst leaving some time for family and friends, takes a lot more by way of commitment, drive and desire.

Moving from Bristol and heading to Ledbury after purchasing Ledbury Lodge kennels was the only the start, then came their first steps in building of becoming the best kennel facility in the country. We’re sure that even in the wildest dreams of Ben and Nikki Randall, they could not have imagined such a successful outcome, one not driven by luck, but by pure dedication and attention to detail to get things right.

When you step into Ledbury Lodge you step into a family atmosphere and a calming aura that tells you – not only are you leaving your dogs somewhere special you – but you are leaving them in the caring, attentive and understanding hands from the whole family. Ben coupled his passion of dog training, with bringing up two very talented boys who are setting great standards both academically but also in sports; improving day-by-day across an array of fields.

The dedication shown to the boys came to fruition at the Cocker Spaniel Championship in 2011, with FTCh Heolybwlch Fatty going on to the win the event, for the trainer. In 2012, the same trainer and dog combination went on to win the prestigious event again, the first time this back-to-back feat has been achieved since the mid 1970’s,

Whilst all of this was going on which, taking huge sums of hours in training and travel, Ledbury Lodge was steadily developing into the 5* kennel and training facility that you see today. Hundreds of keen dog owners, since the beginning – with the BG foundation training up to Field Trial Standard and above, along with a line of Beggarbush dogs – are now seen up and down the country; including the ever popular Kronch Cocker’s Tucker and Chester.

Another important partnership developed between Ben and Graham Tweed, of Kronch, as Graham was looking to develop a natural dog food to deliver the optimum performance from animals in Field Trials, Hunting, Agility and for dogs who just require that extra energy, as a result of their owners who loving long walks through the countryside. Graham had explained that he was looking, firstly, for a puppy food that would deliver all the requirements a puppy needs later in life helping enhance bone density, muscle structure, ligament strength, alertness and a coat that would keep the coldest of water – and weather conditions – at bay.

Kronch of course was a great foundation on which to build, as it was developed for Huskies in the harshest of environments, sleeping under snow but still being able to deliver a – sometimes – 12 hour stint pulling sleds. Graham had described it as maximum conversion to energy.

Kronch is produced from fresh salmon, delivered daily, allowing the plant to produce the finest cold pressed salmon oil; a massively important part in every dogs diet from 6 weeks onwards. Optimal Puppy food has been the Global food award winner for three years in a row, helping develop puppy to young adult condition, rivalled by no other food. Kronch Basic, Active, Grain Free and Agility are showing what a performance food can do, in playing a part in dog winning events in all fields, all over the world and at the highest levels.

Graham worked closely with Ben in making the BG Champions Choice food which is used on all of his dogs – and is highly recommended to clients and friends – with explanation of the early vision Graham had in making a food that delivered a maximum conversion to useable energy. Of course, the now ever popular Pemmican bar is perfect for replacing lost energy, in all fields of dog work and long country walks, providing a preventative into the ever increasing Hypoglycemia in dogs as we look for more and more performance. Our association with, not only Ben, but all of his family and friends goes back a long wat and we are extremely proud of his achievements over the past few years and undoubtedly look forward to many more.

You can view the kennel and training facility at where you can arrange kennelling and training with Ben himself.

Congratulations from all of at Kronch and thank you for your input into, what is fast becoming, the top performance food in the country.

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Jade Ovenden and her July Update

Jade Ovenden and her July Update:

Jade has been very busy this month with going to Paws in the Park, where Remmy won the Splash and grab, Winston was placed and he also got 4th in a retriever charity test.

Then they attended the Leconsfield water test, in which Remmy came 3rd in the novice our first ever test.

Last of all was at The Kent County Show – Winston got a 3rd in the blind retrieve scurry, Remmy came 2nd.

They also competed in the dock diving which is the boys favourite thing ever – Winston came 5th and Remmy 3rd


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The Lincolnshire Gun Dog Society

The Lincolnshire Gun Dog Society

Kronch sponsored The Lincolnshire Gun Dog Society for their Novice and Open AV Spaniel Working Test on Sunday 16th July at Riseholme College, Lincoln.

The Judges were Mr Godfrey Lowe and Mrs Lucie Adkins and Chief Steward Ms Jess Burrows. 

Thank you to all the competitors and helpers who made this a relaxed and enjoyable day on super ground, you all look like you had a brilliant day.

1st – Tailorsdrift Dark Knight, ESS, Mr J Hilton, handled by Ms L Hilton
2nd – Jamain Canasta, ESS, Ms P Linsdell
3rd and Best Cocker – Barley Nine, CS, Mrs A Cook
4th – Strigidae Macduff, CS, Mr L Grafton
CoM’s – Botcheston Bess at Tolliefors, CS, Miss J Elliott
Beccawood Flashy Star, ESS, Messrs R and S Kinnon, handled by Mr R Kinnon
Twistmount Echo of Isfryn, ESS, Ms T Smith
Watersfell Wonderwall, CS, Mr D Swinburn

1st and Best Cocker – Watersfell Wonderwall, CS, Mr D Swinburn
2nd – Twistmount Echo of Isfryn, ESS, Ms T Smith
3rd – New Millardam Swift, ESS, Mrs L Wallis

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Cameron Bunce’s June Update

Cameron Bunce’s June Update:

This weekend myself and Ziggy competed in our first senior international competition at the World Agility Open Championships.

We started off well coming 4th in the Snooker on the Friday.

Then we continued to the Gamblers where we pulled off a 2nd from a brilliant course designed by myself and Natalie Mitchell.

With these two results combined, we became 2017 Games Silver Medalist!


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Natalie Mitchell June Update

Natalie Mitchell’s June Update:

Teek and I haven’t done many shows this year yet.

However the two shows which we did do in preparation for the WAO’s we had some brilliant runs.


At UKA GT we won the Masters Agility round resulting in Teek qualifying for the UKA Masters Grand Finals in December.

Then at Vyne KC Show we qualified for the Large Kennel Club Quarter Finals at KCI this year in August.

Unfortunately we didn’t have great runs at the Worlds this year, but had a great time trying!

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Nic Jones June Update

Nic Jones June Update

The month in America flew by and between us we clocked up several thousand air miles, not just across the Atlantic but also a weekend over in Colorado to sample agility training in the mile high city of Denver. The dogs coped so well with all the travelling and new experiences. You really wouldn’t know that was their first time across the pond.

Both dogs took part in one competition. Thumb made qualifying scores in two events, including a second place.

After a 36 hour turnaround in the UK Finch and I left for Finland. A week of intensive training which has really set us up for the UK show season that is now in full flow with clean run consistency improving from a mere 10% to 67% at his 2nd show back in the UK.

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Sam Clarke’s Story

I am excited for 2017, with the start of a new season and the Doctor (Daimonic Doctor No) makes a start to his first proper year of competing. 2016 was for building a ring confidence and growing his skills. His skills are now amazing for his age – we just need to work on his start line confidence, he’s full of confidence everywhere else!

Tizzy (Indysols Miss Moneypenny) and I had a slow 2016 due to injury, two house moves and two job moves. Thank you to Kronch who hosted myself and the fury pack for a few months during our relocation for a new job, along with their usual fabulous canine and human support. 2017 will be exciting to run my comfy slippers. She has retired from the Championship classes, in 2016 she secured a 3rd in every Champ we ran at the Welsh Champ show – resulting in a 3rd place finish in both Jumping & Agility rounds, then 3rd in the final as well. I can’t ask for any more from her, she gives everything she has in every run. Her B12 deficiency condition takes a toll on her though. I want Tizzy to enjoy every run, so she will continue at Grade 7 which we love and I will be smiling for each and every run.

Then we have the Golden boy, our new addition Lalapaws Shaken not stirred (aka Gold), he is something else… is testing our training abilities, he’s exciting, fun, super powerful, a goof and a cuddle monster. He is just wonderful to work, teach and live with, he is only just 1 year old so not able to be in the ring yet, he was also a great size of a lad by 5 months so his training has started slowly in order to give his bones and growth time to mature so we don’t do any damage by doing too much too early, it’s so easy to do so we have been very restrained and conservative in our foundation training only doing flatwork for a deal longer than expected. He will be ready when he’s ready, we are enjoying the journey with him. Handler fitness this year is our focus as when he’s ready to run he won’t be hanging about. Now he’s 12 months old we are looking forward to some cani cross runs with our club the Tailrunners Northants.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of growth, learning and continued health and fitness.

We start with Scunthorpe and Lincoln shows soon and Gold is on an Easter training camp and straight onto Easter celebration show to so I’ll try and get some pictures and updates emailed over to you for the newsletters and social media pages etc. It would be good to promote the training it takes to get these dogs to the levels they achieve, I’ve heard a few things recently where people assume it happens overnight, many don’t realize how much conditioning and training it takes so would be good to cover more conditioning and training that goes into it, not just the results.

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Natalie Mitchell’s Story

Natalie Mitchell and Teek

Working with the team at Kronch has so many positives! The team are passionate about their products, customer service and building relationships – it’s extremely reassuring.


Many think that ordering dog food is simple and however since feeding Kronch, every order is different. The team at Kronch spend time to ensure my dogs are being fed exactly what they need for their lifestyle, this can of course change throughout their lives and their sporting careers. This is something I have found with my dog ‘Teek’ over the last few years.


Being an agility dog the demand for high energy and unique nutritional ask is not as simple as feeding any food. Teek has always had a ‘sensitive’ tummy, therefore his diet has always been an interest to me. I started feeding Teek Kronch Active over 3 years ago now. I decided on the Active range due to what I felt was an active lifestyle. At competition time I would use Pemmikan to help with the extra need for stamina and energy. Soon into his first agility season on Active I found Teek had a little too much energy, however Rock my second agility dog was thriving on the same formula. After discussions with Graham Tweed at the International Agility Festival we decided to reduce Teeks Protein and fat levels by putting him onto the Kronch Basic. Within two weeks of feeding the different food I noticed a difference. A few months later Teek was on the build up to the British Championships. Having been fed Kronch Basic for 4 months Teek was everything I want and needed going into a two day event. On the evening before the event and the morning of each day I added into Teeks meals Kronch Pemmikan. The Pemmikan enabled Teek to maintain not only stamina but mental concentration for runs as late as 6pm those days.


Finding what was best for Teek was not only reassuring to me as his owner and handler but most valuable to Teek’s performances. Teek went on to compete at the World Agility Open Championships. This was the biggest event he has competed at. Over 3 days he was expected to compete in 9 runs, another first at being the most runs he will have been expected to complete. Over the 3 days Teek won 1st place in three classes, had two other top 3 places and became Games Silver medallists and Biathlon Gold medallists. The results speak for themselves!!


All my dogs are fed on Kronch, they have the salmon oil in their meals once a day and I support their competition needs with Pemmikan. Their coats are amazing, their appetites are the best and they love their food!  

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Alan Ward’s Story

Alan Ward – Kronch Photographer

I am the photographer for Kronch when Graham requires me to go and attend some shoot days. I use my dogs for training day photography, where I require good health dogs to show and advertise Kronch.

The past year has been very successful having held a few photographic workshops within my area and around the country, the dogs are looking great and very trimmed. I have attended the International Gun Dogs at the Game Fair this year covering the Irish Team providing Kronch with the images. I have also attended the Springer Championships for Kronch to obtain some images for sponsorship of the Irish Gun Dog Team.

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Nic Jones’ Story

I have so much to share and having Kronch behind me has my year a lot easier:

The last 12 months have seen a massive change for both me and my dogs (‘Finch’ and ‘Thumb’). I have become a full-time agility trainer and we travel all over the world; training and competing. I have been teaching all over the UK, much of Europe and shared experiences in the US.

My youngest dog, ‘Finch’ has been with me on many trips and spent an intense working week in Finland where we clocked up over 40 hours of work and training. My dogs are fit and well – they work hard and play hard. Kronch have supported me directly on all of these trips.

Knowing that Finch and Thumb are fuelled by the best by getting such good nutrition and supplements takes one load off my mind. We particularly love the Pemmikan and Salmon Oil.

With my dog’s having such a healthy diet, it allows me to focus on their training and physical needs. It can’t be a coincidence that they are so fit and well. I can only do so much with fitness and physical therapies but if the body isn’t getting good fuel I could only go so far.

Finch, Thumb and I will be travelling all over the US during April – competing and training (as well as a little bit of sight-seeing!). I would worry if I were to try and feed them on another product that I didn’t have so much faith and trust in. When we return from America, Finch and I fly to Finland with the plan to have him at his peak mentally and physically at the start of the UK agility season.

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