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Georgie Lott’s Story

Georgie Lott with Ellie and Oscar

My agility journey started 16 years ago with my first dog ‘Ellie’ (a cocker x collie). I then started training with a 9-month-old rescue Old English Sheepdog called ‘Oscar’. Oscar loved training but he struggled with health problems and this prevented us from doing agility at all. He firstly started chewing his front legs until they blistered and ripped his hair out. He also kept getting a bloated stomach, vomiting, diarrhoea and cramps. After numerous trips to vets, blood tests and medication nothing seemed to work.  After posting a plea for help on agilitynet, Graham Tweed from Kronch got in touch. This was the turning point for us and I have never looked back.

Graham recommended a diet of ‘Basic Kronch and ‘Kronch Salmon Oil every day. Then on agility days to give him “chicken broth water” and several chunks of the ‘Kronch Pemmikan energy bar to help prevent his energy loss. Since starting this change in diet, Oscar went from strength to strength. He still had a grass allergy, which was controlled through his diet, his skin recovered and was no longer blistered and sore. Oscar no longer needed steroids, anti-inflammatories or antispasmodic tablets.

Kronch saved his life and he went back to being the happy chap I fell in love with. Oscar went from strength to strength, winning the DARL Rescue ABC League 2 years running, qualifying for numerous KC and UKA agility finals around the country and became the first grade 6 Old English Sheepdog.

Sadly I lost Oscar on the 13th March 2017, following him getting a spontaneous twisted stomach and spleen which caused toxic shock. I firmly believe that without Graham and his team at Kronch that Oscar wouldn’t have been able to continue with agility or live such a fulfilled life. Graham and his team were more than just a sponsor, they gave me advice no matter what time of the day or night. Graham always supported us and cheered us on at many events and I would like to say we became good friends. It has been a privilege to be sponsored by Kronch and thank you for all your kindness, advice and friendship over the past few years.

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