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Natalie Mitchell’s Story

Natalie Mitchell and Teek

Working with the team at Kronch has so many positives! The team are passionate about their products, customer service and building relationships – it’s extremely reassuring.


Many think that ordering dog food is simple and however since feeding Kronch, every order is different. The team at Kronch spend time to ensure my dogs are being fed exactly what they need for their lifestyle, this can of course change throughout their lives and their sporting careers. This is something I have found with my dog ‘Teek’ over the last few years.


Being an agility dog the demand for high energy and unique nutritional ask is not as simple as feeding any food. Teek has always had a ‘sensitive’ tummy, therefore his diet has always been an interest to me. I started feeding Teek Kronch Active over 3 years ago now. I decided on the Active range due to what I felt was an active lifestyle. At competition time I would use Pemmikan to help with the extra need for stamina and energy. Soon into his first agility season on Active I found Teek had a little too much energy, however Rock my second agility dog was thriving on the same formula. After discussions with Graham Tweed at the International Agility Festival we decided to reduce Teeks Protein and fat levels by putting him onto the Kronch Basic. Within two weeks of feeding the different food I noticed a difference. A few months later Teek was on the build up to the British Championships. Having been fed Kronch Basic for 4 months Teek was everything I want and needed going into a two day event. On the evening before the event and the morning of each day I added into Teeks meals Kronch Pemmikan. The Pemmikan enabled Teek to maintain not only stamina but mental concentration for runs as late as 6pm those days.


Finding what was best for Teek was not only reassuring to me as his owner and handler but most valuable to Teek’s performances. Teek went on to compete at the World Agility Open Championships. This was the biggest event he has competed at. Over 3 days he was expected to compete in 9 runs, another first at being the most runs he will have been expected to complete. Over the 3 days Teek won 1st place in three classes, had two other top 3 places and became Games Silver medallists and Biathlon Gold medallists. The results speak for themselves!!


All my dogs are fed on Kronch, they have the salmon oil in their meals once a day and I support their competition needs with Pemmikan. Their coats are amazing, their appetites are the best and they love their food!  

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