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Natalie & Teek Prepare For Agility With Kronch

With Spring finally upon us, means the 2018 agility season is only around the corner. With local, national and international events soon to commence, we are enjoying hearing from those who use Kronch to help not only feed but keep their dogs healthy and happy with the season ahead.

Entering their 6th year competing, Natalie and Teek are preparing for the upcoming agility season. Soon to be 9 years old, Teek is continuing to be fed on Kronch Basic to ensure his health and energy is maintained.

“I can’t help but appreciate just how much Agility has taught me. There is so much more involved than stepping out on to the course and delivering your best run. The past 10 weeks have been about re-building our working relationship with Teek having a mental and physical break since the Olympia finals in December.

To me, that break was crucial in allowing him to have downtime, just like every athlete deserves. So, as I build him back up he receives support both physically, mentally and nutritionally by the best. The more I learn the more there is to do but thankfully for me, that’s the bit I love.

…Teek has always been a high dog around Agility and keeping a controlled hoist on him has been really important to ensure we can deliver the performance we need during the event. Ensuring Teek’s nutrition is balanced and gives him the energy he needs throughout our training and competition days is crucial and thanks to Kronch we seem to achieve just that.”

Kronch dog food and treats are made from the best fresh ingredients specifically for working and agility dogs.

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