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Nic Jones’ Story

I have so much to share and having Kronch behind me has my year a lot easier:

The last 12 months have seen a massive change for both me and my dogs (‘Finch’ and ‘Thumb’). I have become a full-time agility trainer and we travel all over the world; training and competing. I have been teaching all over the UK, much of Europe and shared experiences in the US.

My youngest dog, ‘Finch’ has been with me on many trips and spent an intense working week in Finland where we clocked up over 40 hours of work and training. My dogs are fit and well – they work hard and play hard. Kronch have supported me directly on all of these trips.

Knowing that Finch and Thumb are fuelled by the best by getting such good nutrition and supplements takes one load off my mind. We particularly love the Pemmikan and Salmon Oil.

With my dog’s having such a healthy diet, it allows me to focus on their training and physical needs. It can’t be a coincidence that they are so fit and well. I can only do so much with fitness and physical therapies but if the body isn’t getting good fuel I could only go so far.

Finch, Thumb and I will be travelling all over the US during April – competing and training (as well as a little bit of sight-seeing!). I would worry if I were to try and feed them on another product that I didn’t have so much faith and trust in. When we return from America, Finch and I fly to Finland with the plan to have him at his peak mentally and physically at the start of the UK agility season.

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