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Sam Clarke’s Story

I am excited for 2017, with the start of a new season and the Doctor (Daimonic Doctor No) makes a start to his first proper year of competing. 2016 was for building a ring confidence and growing his skills. His skills are now amazing for his age – we just need to work on his start line confidence, he’s full of confidence everywhere else!

Tizzy (Indysols Miss Moneypenny) and I had a slow 2016 due to injury, two house moves and two job moves. Thank you to Kronch who hosted myself and the fury pack for a few months during our relocation for a new job, along with their usual fabulous canine and human support. 2017 will be exciting to run my comfy slippers. She has retired from the Championship classes, in 2016 she secured a 3rd in every Champ we ran at the Welsh Champ show – resulting in a 3rd place finish in both Jumping & Agility rounds, then 3rd in the final as well. I can’t ask for any more from her, she gives everything she has in every run. Her B12 deficiency condition takes a toll on her though. I want Tizzy to enjoy every run, so she will continue at Grade 7 which we love and I will be smiling for each and every run.

Then we have the Golden boy, our new addition Lalapaws Shaken not stirred (aka Gold), he is something else… is testing our training abilities, he’s exciting, fun, super powerful, a goof and a cuddle monster. He is just wonderful to work, teach and live with, he is only just 1 year old so not able to be in the ring yet, he was also a great size of a lad by 5 months so his training has started slowly in order to give his bones and growth time to mature so we don’t do any damage by doing too much too early, it’s so easy to do so we have been very restrained and conservative in our foundation training only doing flatwork for a deal longer than expected. He will be ready when he’s ready, we are enjoying the journey with him. Handler fitness this year is our focus as when he’s ready to run he won’t be hanging about. Now he’s 12 months old we are looking forward to some cani cross runs with our club the Tailrunners Northants.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of growth, learning and continued health and fitness.

We start with Scunthorpe and Lincoln shows soon and Gold is on an Easter training camp and straight onto Easter celebration show to so I’ll try and get some pictures and updates emailed over to you for the newsletters and social media pages etc. It would be good to promote the training it takes to get these dogs to the levels they achieve, I’ve heard a few things recently where people assume it happens overnight, many don’t realize how much conditioning and training it takes so would be good to cover more conditioning and training that goes into it, not just the results.

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