ReviewGeorgina Lott and Lluna - working Labrador

Article sent in by Georgina Lott

“Lluna is a working Labrador who works 4 days a week up in the mountains of North Wales.

When she came to us at 8 weeks old she struggled to maintain her weight and had severe diarrhoea.

After contacting Graham Tweed from Kronch for advice and support he recommended that we put her onto a diet of Kronch Optimal – suitable for puppies. This was the turning point for Lluna and she has never looked back. Her tummy settled, she managed to put on and maintain a healthy weight and began to thrive. She has now transitioned onto Kronch Active.

Lluna gets compliments about her coat all the time, due to the natural fresh salmon oils in Kronch food this helps to maintain healthy joints and keeps her fur glossy and shiny.

Kronch Active keeps Lluna’s energy levels maintained throughout the course of the day over the amazing terrain of the drives set in the remarkable Welsh mountains.  We would highly recommend Kronch for any dog, no matter what level of work they do.”

Kronch Active

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Kronch Active is a high-quality dog food made from the finest raw ingredients. It’s a complete working dog food with fat and protein sources derived from top-quality fresh Scandinavian salmon.

Kronch Optimal Puppy

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Kronch Optimal is a hypoallergenic, lower protein puppy food made with easily digestible fresh salmon and rice. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, along with balanced calcium levels.

Kronch Samples Pack

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For the low cost of just £2.95 we will send you a sample bag of food, some treats and a 25ml container of our cold pressed salmon oil.