Real fresh salmon are used in the production of our Kronch Premium feed, as a result, it is rich in the important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, whilst also containing each and every one of the essential amino acids.

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Kronch Main


Comprising exclusively of first-class, quality controlled raw materials as well as our renowned Salmon Oil, Kronch Main completely satisfies the dogs daily need for protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.

Kronch Basic


Kronch Basic is perfect for dogs with normal energy needs. Kronch Basic has a very positive effect on your dog’s skin and coat, and helps to prevent allergies, hair loss, itching, dull coat, dandruff and dry skin.

Kronch Active


Kronch Active is a tasty, high-quality product made from the very best raw ingredients.  A tasty and excellent complete working dog food with fat and protein sources derived from the highest quality fresh Scandinavian salmon.

Kronch Optimal


Kronch Optimal is a hypoallergenic, lower protein, puppy food made with easily digestible fresh salmon and rice. Containing all the essential vitamins, minerals as well as the added benefit of balanced calcium levels.

Kronch Grain Free


Kronch Grain Free is a complete dry food for adult dogs. Made with freshly prepared salmon blended with vegetables and herbs it creates a tasty meal that dogs will find irresistible. We also include natural additives and extracts.

Kronch Agility


From working alongside some of the UK’s top agility competitors, we introduced Kronch Agility. Designed to give those bursts of speed throughout an agility day as well as adding all the much needed joint aid supplements.

Beggarbush Champions Choice (15kg)


Beggarbush Champions Choice is a high energy trailing and gun dog food produced in conjunction with Ben Randall, a self taught dog psychologist that has studied wolf pack behaviour for over 30 years.