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Kronch Main

£26.45£45.95 available on subscription

Kronch Main is a specially formulated dog food designed for retired, elderly dogs, and small breeds. It provides efficient energy levels to meet your dog’s daily needs and is easily digestible. With its omega-3 and omega-6 properties, Kronch Main is also suitable for dogs with skin and coat problems, such as allergies, shedding, itching, dull coat, dandruff, and dry skin

Kronch Basic

£27.45£50.95 available on subscription

Kronch Basic is the ideal choice for dogs with normal energy needs. This product is formulated to have a positive impact on your dog’s skin and coat, aiding in the prevention of allergies, hair loss, itching, dull coat, dandruff, and dry skin. Made with fresh salmon and quality-controlled raw materials, Kronch Basic is a balanced diet that satisfies your dog’s daily nutritional needs.

Kronch Active

£28.45£52.95 available on subscription

Kronch Active is a high-quality dog food made from the finest raw ingredients. It’s a complete working dog food with fat and protein sources derived from top-quality fresh Scandinavian salmon.

Kronch Optimal Puppy

£30.45£54.95 available on subscription

Kronch Optimal is a hypoallergenic, lower protein puppy food made with easily digestible fresh salmon and rice. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, along with balanced calcium levels.

Kronch Grain Free

£31.45£55.95 available on subscription

Kronch Grain Free is a complete dry food for adult dogs, made with freshly prepared salmon, vegetables, and herbs. It’s a tasty meal that dogs will find irresistible, and it includes natural additives and extracts.

Pemmikan Bar

£8.95 available on subscription

Kronch Pemmikan is a high-energy supplementary feed that provides almost instant usable energy for dogs. It’s made from essential levels of fat, protein, and glucose.

Kronch Agility

£46.95 available on subscription

From working alongside some of the UK’s top agility competitors, we introduced Kronch Agility. Designed to give those bursts of speed throughout an agility day as well as adding all the much needed joint aid supplements.

Beggarbush Champions Choice (15kg)

£55.95 available on subscription

Beggarbush Champions Choice is a high-energy trailing and gun dog food, produced in collaboration with Ben Randall, a renowned dog psychologist who has studied wolf pack behaviour for over 30 years.

Salmon Oil

£9.95£39.95 available on subscription

Kronch Salmon Oil is a highly beneficial and tasty supplement for working dogs, naturally rich in essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Peake Pet Care’s Soothing Ear Cleaner

£18.45£39.60 available on subscription

Peake Pet Care’s Soothing Ear Cleaner: Gentle solution for ear irritations in working dogs. Made with Victorian formula, available in 150ml and 500ml bottles with nozzle.

SalmoCa Hemp Seed Oil

£22.95£31.95 available on subscription

SalmoCa Oil is a tasty, premium quality supplement for animal feed with a unique composition of 80% salmon oil and 20% hemp seed oil

Lakse Kronch

£3.25£7.95 available on subscription

Lakse Kronch is a 100% natural Danish product made entirely from fresh salmon. Loved by dogs, it’s rated the No.1 ‘Training and Reward Treat’ worldwide.

Lakse Kronch Pocket

£3.25£7.95 available on subscription

Lakse Kronch Pocket is a grain-free treat made from fresh salmon and potato. It’s a natural product that doesn’t rub off on your hands or in your pockets.

Welcome Pack

£3.95 available on subscription

The Kronch ‘Welcome Pack’ is an inexpensive gift you can purchase to celebrate the moment your puppy moves to their new working family.

Kronch Samples Pack

£2.95 available on subscription

For the low cost of just £2.95 we will send you a sample bag of food, some treats and a 25ml container of our cold pressed salmon oil.

Orroland Dog Bed

£79.99£89.99 available on subscription

The first fully non destructible dog bed. 100% British made wire loom dog bed designed for durability and air flow.

Salmon Skins

£4.75 available on subscription

Kronch Salmon Skins are 100% natural treats made from fresh salmon. They are a vital source of protein and essential Omega 3 fatty acids, promoting a healthy and happy life for your dog.

Kennel Package

Kennel Package

£59.95 available on subscription

Keep your dog’s space clean while you also keep them full with our bespoke Kronch Kennel Package

Kennel Safe

£17.95£54.95 available on subscription

Ideal for usage in kennels and catteries, Kronch Kennel Safe is a powerful cleaner, detergent and deodoriser and effectively aids cleaning and removes odours.

Puppy Package

£58.95 available on subscription

Our puppy package will provide your pet with the essential protein and fat needed to nourish and promote a healthy life.

Quick Dry Pet Towels

£4.99£19.99 available on subscription

Leave muddy paws outdoors with these ultra absorbent, disposable towels. Handy for all unexpected messes.